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About those oily waves :) #painterslife

Considering this is a month-ish old, the strength this saying has for me still remains. Huge thanks to Macklemore for the words that have been lost in my life for many years. 

Many think that ink is something that has to be thought long and hard about, but there are times that the meaning behind the words and the silly drawings are more than what meets the eye. This to me is self explanatory for those who know me personally. 

"A life lived for art is never a life wasted" 

For those who don’t agree… tell me why..  but my question to you: Why Not? xx

With powder in our hair nd the sticky foam on our bodies… From half way around the world, the memories still puts a smile on my face.. Miss you beautiful ladies. :)

Obviously the time has been flying by considering my lack of posts, but it really does not wait on anyone.
After living in Milano for the last month, my life has changed and I’m not ready to go back to my little island. Don’t get me wrong, home will always be home, but this place just too sweet. There’s something about walking all over town, having a good transportation system, having fresh bread from the bakery down the street and being able to see the world by getting lost for a few hours.
I was there for a fashion course at the new school for design and the work that I produced was better than anything I’ve ever done— fashion wise. This city is amazing when it comes to the fashion scene. Don’t get me wrong when I say that I love New York, but Milan, yuh come relllll bess! I finally understand why they consider here the fashion capital of the world, I’ve gotten a slice of their amazingness.
Forgetting about their fashion for a moment, the architecture is something that is unreal. I dunno much about architecture, but Europe knew what they were doing!!!
The friends that I’ve made here and the moments of laughter made being away from home worth every moment, and those memories will be with me forever, and I can’t wait to go back and make more memories.

Milano, you’ve changed me for the better and I cannot wait to explore more of what you have to offer me. You’ve captured me heart, and I don’t want you to let it go!!!

Lots of love xx

There’s something about oils that I have fallen in love with. As well as my new found love for the pallet knife. Oh how great it feels to be back to a canvas and messy paint.

Last hurrah at msp airport.. TRINIDAD!!! ah comin home!! @smartsteph7 #weready!

Senior farewell. Ima miss you bud!! #graduates @ryry242

We like the honeycomb at sju @keetzpk #stjohns #lastday #nostalgiamoments

Today… We graduate. @avedaheart

Got me my marylin! Thanks Ali!!! #talentedlady

Commencement rehearsal!! #graduate!? #soooready!! @avedaheart @aktong

To tha local blend #stjoe

Almost 6 in the am and I’m pushing throu. #finals #paper #almostthere #sleeplessnights

The time has come where one paper, and two finals stand in the way of walking on stage and flipping my tassel to the other side of my hat… graduation is around the corner and painting has been there to help me through the hard times.. and stress me out at times too. The pick up of the paintbrush and intimate brush strokes have helped me survive a semester I didn’t think was possible to get through, but I’m on the final stretch and not sleeping until it is done.

Painting this semester has really helped me to understand so much more about myself and why i do what i love most. Though I was not able to work on more sunsets and seascape during the class, all the information and knowledge that I’ve gathered has pushed me forward, tested my abilities and really challenged me this time round. I can’t believe it’s over and I am so happy to say that I am somewhat satisfied with what I have achieved. I know what when it comes to my portraits I have a lot to work on and the information is all there… I just need to practice. 

Hopefully over summer I can work on more portraits and continue pleasing people with my new works. Painting is one of those things that keeps me going and helps me to understand that its ok to mess up sometimes, because we all make mistakes.. and life does go on. (Though at times, I know I freak out thinking that life is never going to move on from that point onward). Its a struggle I enjoy going through, because the end result is always a higher point and a great feeling that it worth the hardships and all nighters… especially the ones that have me crawling to bed at 8am… I think those are the best… because the accomplishments are worth those sleepless nights and all that goes along with them.

I leave you acknowledging that I will not be sleeping again tonight because of this paper that follows me around like a rainy cloud, but I know I will push through and painting will always be my savor. 

Now that I’m out of the studio… I can’t wait to get back in! xx


Leah Marville in Nwannia for Filtered Fashion magazine

love love love…